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Take your first steps as parents with co

Your baby isn't the only one born on their birth day.  YOU are also born as new parents, whether this is your first or fifth baby!  And you all deserve the best start as a family.  Prepare to fall in love together, with the help of comprehensive Doula and Childbirth Services.

Parents with Newborn Baby

You know birth and the first few weeks with a newborn are crazy hard.  Maybe you’re even nervous about how you’re actually going to manage all of it.


But deep down, you also know EXACTLY how you want to remember this time 20 years from now.  And, you know you can’t do it alone.


You know that a positive, empowered start as a family does not happen just because you dreamed it.  It’s something you have to work at, plan for and educate yourself to get.

You need a birth village to surround and hold you; people who trust birth, newborns and support your vision no matter what!  

Welcome to Arielle’s Doula and Childbirth Services, where your intuition and inner wisdom are nurtured and encouraged.  Here your desires for a low intervention birth, family focused recovery and mindful parenting are honored.  

Take control of your pregnancy and birth as you work together to make decisions that are right for your prenatal care.  Prepare yourself for a low intervention birth and reap the benefits as you proudly hold your new baby in your arms, after birthing the way you wanted.  Ease into each breastfeeding session with confidence, you've got this!

Step off a one-size fits all approach, and into your parenting journey, your way.

Mother and Baby

Meeting Arielle has enriched my life in many positive ways.  I gained so much confidence working with her. Not only did I learn a ton, but I was also provided with a bounty of resources and new techniques that worked wonders in labor." 

Najet R.

Arielle's soothing voice, phrases of encouragement, and incredible support during my unique homebirth experience were vital and I'm so grateful she was there. I could not recommend Arielle more as an invaluable doula."

Emeline D.

Arielle helped me experience the best non-medicated birth possible, not once but twice. I can't imagine what going through labor without intervention would have been like hadn’t she been there.  I couldn’t recommend her more."

Heleina K.



Arielle shares about birth as she sees it, a philosophy and approach to birth and babies strongly informed by midwifery care. 


Discover for yourself, her sincere thoughtfulness for those preparing to meet their babies.  Understand her deep care for babies as individual beings and gain a greater appreciation for what drives her as birth and postpartum doula and educator.

Proudly serving families in the South Bay Area and Peninsula since 2016  

Arielle offers comprehensive Childbirth and Doula Services from preconception through postpartum.  All families are welcome and deserving, no discrimination is made.  I hope to walk on this journey with you.


Arielle's services are offered in the following cities and surrounding regions:  San Jose, Campbell, Santa Clara, Willow Glen, Saratoga, Los Gatos, Scotts Valley, Santa Cruz, Sunnyvale, Cupertino, Los Altos, Palo Alto, Menlo Park, Redwood City, San Mateo

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