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Prenatal Education with a family-centered, evidence-based, and holistic approach to your birth and newborn 

As a Certified Birth Doula and Childbirth Educator, Arielle works with women and families in preparing for their births and postpartum experiences through tailored Prenatal Consultations and Education. 

Prenatal consultations and birth prep for expecting couples



Using a blend of teaching and coaching techniques, Arielle's Prenatal Education focuses on the whole family, respecting each person's needs during this transitional time.  With a focus on evidence-based care, as well as honoring your inner woman and parent wisdom, Arielle will help you navigate your information gathering as you prepare to meet your baby.

Whether you want to prepare for labor and birth or for your postpartum, you'll find the support you need here.  Prenatal Education packages are designed to meet each woman and her family where they are.  Together we work as a team to provide you with the labor and birth, or postpartum education you need.  Arielle will guide you to discover your birth and postpartum vision, clarify what medical solutions will best facilitate these preferences, and support you in gathering the information you need to feel prepared, informed and confident about meeting your baby! 

From hands-on practice with massage and coping techniques, to conversations on self-advocacy for you and your baby's needs, private in-home Prenatal Education is here for you.


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This package is all about getting you ready for labor and birth.  We do this by focusing on four areas of birth: your hormones, physical readiness, mental health, and need for information.  Arielle works with you and your partner toward understanding the birth process, learning coping skills, understanding the medical solutions that may be right for you, and how to build the support you need for labor.  


Ideally suited for women and people 30-37 weeks pregnant, our Prepared Birth Education Package covers:

  • The physiological birth process, how your body works to birth your baby, and why it matters

  • Comfort and coping techniques, as well as breathing and relaxation strategies

  • Trusting your body and following your intuition

  • The choices you have in your medical care and how to advocate for your needs during labor

  • Your partner's ability to provide you with hands-on support and suggestions

  • Organizing your Birth Preferences to reflect your birth vision and know how to utilize them


This package includes:

  • Three Prenatal Education and Preparation Sessions

  • One virtual Birth Preferences Session 

  • Weekly check-ins from 37 weeks to birth

  • One Postpartum Check-In to process your birth and recovery

  • 24/7 access to our exclusive Reproductive Health Library.  Access our private store of references, studies and evidence-based articles for your pregnancy, labor, birth postpartum recovery and baby's development!

Sessions are offered in-person or virtually. 


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Focusing on your postpartum goals and family needs, Arielle works with you to trust your inner parent wisdom as you prepare to meet your sweet babe with confidence and joy.   With her Prenatal Family Education Package, your postpartum recovery and easy transition into parenthood is the highest priority. 


Ideally suited for women and families 30-38 weeks pregnant, the Prepared Family Education Package covers:

  • Preparing your postpartum plan, getting support where you need it

  • Your postpartum recovery with nutritional and physical recovery suggestions

  • Understanding your baby's cues, how to calm your baby and meet your newborn's sleep and eating needs

  • The breastfeeding basics: tips on getting a good latch, comfortable positions for you and baby, and when to recognize when you need extra help

  • Encouraging and fostering your own parenting wisdom and intuition


This package includes:

  • Two Prenatal Education and Preparation Sessions

  • One Postpartum Plan session as you finalize your postpartum plan

  • One Postpartum Check-In to discuss your birth, how breastfeeding is going and go over your baby's next growth milestones 

  • 24/7 access to our exclusive Reproductive Health Library.  Access our private store of references, studies and evidence-based articles for your pregnancy, labor, birth postpartum recovery and baby's development!  Not just for postpartum, utilize this incredible resource as you prepare for your birth as well!

Sessions are offered in-person or virtually. 


Prenatal Education Packages make an excellent gift for your loved one.  Receive a beautiful gift certificate with a unique coupon code redeemable up to one year.

Proudly serving families in the San Francisco Bay Area since 2016  

Arielle offers comprehensive Doula  Services from preconception through postpartum.  All families are welcome and deserving, no discrimination is made.  We hope to walk on this journey with you.


Our services are offered in the following cities and surrounding regions of Marin, Sonoma and Napa Counties:  Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Rohnert Park, Sebastopol, San Rafael, Novato, Marin, Napa, Sonoma.

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Curious to learn more about how Doula support can benefit your family? 


Check out Arielle's comprehensive Doula service offerings, there's so much more in store for you! 

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